• Achmad Zunaidi Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan Anggaran dan Perbendaharaan, Kementerian Keuangan
  • Nurdianti Komariyah Direktorat Jenderal Anggaran
  • Aziz Wahyu Suprayitno Direktorat Jenderal Anggaran
Keywords: Service Quality, Public Sector Services, Customer Satisfaction Index, Importance Performance Analysis


Stakeholder satisfaction is an important issue in public services organized by the bureaucracy. This study aims to measure the satisfaction of budget revision services organized by the Directorate of Budget for Human Development and Culture, Directorate General of Budget. The analytical tools used consist of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Service Quality (Servqual), and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). CSI analysis is intended to determine the level of customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, Servqual analysis to identify the importance of each service dimension. IPA identify the level of importance of each service attribute as well as priority improvements that must be made. Respondents consisted of 110 employees of the Planning Bureau of ministries/agencies. Based on CSI analysis, the level of satisfaction with budget revision services is 87.70% and is in the "Very Satisfactory" category. However, there are still dimensions and attributes of budget revision services that have a lower level of service (performance) value than the level of importance of partners (importance). Based on Servqual analysis, the dimension that gets the most attention is Reliability. Meanwhile, the attributes of budget revision services that still need to be improved are: responsiveness in answering questions related to the proposed budget revision; readiness to assist outside working hours on budget revision issues; providing personal assistance or contacting if there are problems.